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Sewing Peek

There is something really strange about starting over in blogging.  Back when I blogged on a semi-regular basis, I had a few go-to themes that I could leverage, which would give a good jump start to my writing.  Now that I don’t have these features to fall back on, it feels like a bit like a blank page.  Blank pages are meant to be filled though, so I guess I had better jump in!  How about a peek at what I’ve been sewing?

This weekend I caught up on a few sewing projects that had been in the hopper.  In addition to my Etsy shop, I also sell some of my products at the gathered shop in Front Royal, Virginia.  While they’re certainly not as well known as Napa Valley, Northern Virginia is known for some wonderful wines.  I wanted to make sure that gathered was stocked up on seasonal wine bags, in advance of the holiday shopping season.  I also restocked a few new zipper pouches, too.  I hope that the gathered customers love what I’m sending over!

peetswea_zipper_makeup_bag peetswea_holiday_wine_bag

The Summer Clearance sale on tote bags in the shop also led to a custom order.  I hope that Jessica loves this yellow and white tote.  She wanted extra long handles, a zipper and an interior pocket.  And since custom orders are my fave, I was more than happy to help her out!


Next up on the sewing table is a handful of zipper pouches, followed by a few surprise gifts.  Don’t you just love surprises?


Hope that you liked this peek into what I’ve been making!

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Fresh Start

Fresh-StartFor those of you who have been following PeetSwea for a long time, you’ll remember that my blog was a crazy mismatch of book reviews, experiments in the kitchen, pictures of our daughter, ramblings on the struggles of a full time working mom, sprinkled with some sewing adventures and pictures of my new and growing Etsy shop.   Well, about a year back, I decided to give my website a fresh new look.  So fresh, in fact, that I (accidentally) deleted every blog post that was on my site.  There may have been tears.  And yelling.  Mostly tears.

After that, I kept the website to the basics, and put the idea of a blog on the shelf for a bit.  But now, I’m ready to give it a fresh start.  From now on, you’ll see what fun is going on in the sewing room and the shop.  I’m sure that there will still be a few books, and recipes, and family pics and random ramblings, because those things fuel PeetSwea.  And dogs.  Probably dogs.

Scarlet and Ruby - The PeetSwea Pooches
Scarlet and Ruby – The PeetSwea Pooches
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Sew the Rainbow: Aqua for June

Today is Aqua day!  I am sharing the results of the June Sew the Rainbow project.

The Project:  A Crayon Roll

The Inspiration:  Pinterest!  Do you get lost in all the wonderful ideas that are available here?  I have a Sewing Ideas board dedicated to projects that I would love to tackle one day.  Crayon Rolls seemed like such a cute gift idea!

The tutorial I chose was featured on Smart School House, designed by Made to be a Momma.

The Material:

  • Michael Miller’s Waterfront Park Flight in Luna, which I picked up on a visit to Finch Sewing Studio
  • Kona Cotton Solid in Nightfall
  • White Satin Ribbon – 1 inch wide

The Result:  A cute crayon roll!  Though the tutorial showed that 16 crayons would fit, my finished product held 15 crayons.  I will work on the spacing on my next attempt, so that a full 16 can fit.

The crayon roll took me about 45 minutes start-to-finish, so it is a quick and fun project to do with scrap fabric, or a fun child print.

peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll1 peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll2 peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll3 peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll4

My daughter loved the end result, and has ordered a purple one for her birthday in a few weeks!


Thanks for following along with Sew the Rainbow project!

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Sew the Rainbow: Green for May

A new month and a new color for my Sew the Rainbow project:  Green!

The Project:  An Apron – a special gift for a friend

The Inspiration:  My good friend Mari!  In addition to a love for books, which makes us kindred spirits, Mari also loves to cook.  Over on Instagram, Mari was one of five people who signed up to get a surprise Pay it Forward gift sometime this year.  Because she loves green, this is her month!

The Material:

The Result:   I don’t work with patterns very often, but this one was easy to follow.  I opted to nix the pocket, because of personal preference, but there is one included in the pattern.

I love that the bottom section of the apron is called a flounce.  Every time I read the word in the instructions, I wanted to sing *flounce flounce flounce* – I’m going to see if I can incorporate the word in my everyday vocabulary :)

Here are a few shots of this bright and fun apron, already on the way to Mari’s mailbox!




peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron2 peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron3 peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron4


I hope that you’re enjoying the Sew the Rainbow project.  For June, I’ll be sewing the color Aqua – I hope that you’ll stay tuned for the result!

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Sew the Rainbow: Yellow for April

It’s the end of April, and it’s time to share another color in the Sew the Rainbow project.  For April, I chose the color yellow.  I use this color quite frequently for products in my shop, and I love the brightness and cheerfulness that it can bring to a tote bag or jewelry roll.

When shopping at a local favorite, WebFabrics, my daughter mentioned that she’d like to have a headband with “one of those triangle things on the back.”  And this month’s project was inspired!

The Project:  A Headband Bandana

The Inspiration:  My daughter J – this was a special request

The Material:

  • One Quarter yard of Hoffman Bali Batiks 1895 in Citrine
  • One headband – one inch wide

The Result:  A SUPER easy project, which brought a smile!

peetswea_sewtherainbow_bandana_yellow1 peetswea_sewtherain2ow_bandana_yellow2 peetswea_sewtherainbow_bandana_yellow3




Next month I’ll be sewing the color green!  Tell me how you’re enjoying the series, and if you’ve been inspired to add a new color to your projects.

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