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Fresh Start

Fresh-StartFor those of you who have been following PeetSwea for a long time, you’ll remember that my blog was a crazy mismatch of book reviews, experiments in the kitchen, pictures of our daughter, ramblings on the struggles of a full time working mom, sprinkled with some sewing adventures and pictures of my new and growing Etsy shop.   Well, about a year back, I decided to give my website a fresh new look.  So fresh, in fact, that I (accidentally) deleted every blog post that was on my site.  There may have been tears.  And yelling.  Mostly tears.

After that, I kept the website to the basics, and put the idea of a blog on the shelf for a bit.  But now, I’m ready to give it a fresh start.  From now on, you’ll see what fun is going on in the sewing room and the shop.  I’m sure that there will still be a few books, and recipes, and family pics and random ramblings, because those things fuel PeetSwea.  And dogs.  Probably dogs.

Scarlet and Ruby - The PeetSwea Pooches
Scarlet and Ruby – The PeetSwea Pooches
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