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Sewing Tutorial: Fabric Bookmark

sewing tutorial fabric bookmark

Sewing Tutorial:  How to Make a Fabric Bookmark

Are you a sewing beginner, or do you want to make a handmade gift for your favorite book lover?  Then this sewing tutorial is for you!  Following are the steps to make a cute fabric bookmark using basic sewing machine skills.  Very little fabric is needed, so you can dive into your stash of fabric, or pick up a cute fat quarter at the fabric shop.

What you’ll need:

Fabric – 8 in. by 8 in. square

Felt, Fleece or other fluffy fabric to provide padding – 1.75 in. by 7 in.

Ribbon – 10 in. long in coordinating color


Coordinating thread

Iron and Ironing Board

Sewing machine



Step 1:

Cut your fabric into an 8 inch by 8 inch square.  Cut the felt into a 1.75 inch by 7 inch piece.



Step 2:

Fold the fabric in half, wrong sides together.  Press with hot iron.



Step 3:

Unfold fabric with wrong side facing up.



Step 4:

Fold bottom half of fabric up to the ironed edge.  Press.



Step 5:

Fold top half of fabric down to the ironed edge.  Press.



Step 6:

Fold fabric together at middle ironed edge.  Press.



Step 7:

Open folded fabric and insert felt inside.



Step 8:

Fold top edge of fabric over 1/2 inch.  Press.  Fold bottom edge of fabric up 1/2 inch.  Press.

Step 9:

Fold ribbon in half.  Pin in place in the middle of the right side of the opened fabric.



Step 10:

Fold fabric together and begin sewing in bottom right hand corner.  Use 1/4 inch seam allowance, or use the inner edge of the presser foot as a guide.



Step 11:

Sew until you reach 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric.  Lower the needle into the fabric.

Step 12:

With the needle still in the fabric from the prior step, lift the presser foot on the machine and rotate the fabric to begin the side seam.  You are turning the corner on the fabric rectangle.



Step 13:

Continue sewing until you reach the 1/4 inch from the top edge.  Repeat steps 11 and 12 to turn the corner.



Step 14:

Continue sewing the top edge of the bookmark.  Sew over the pinned ribbon.



Step 15:

Continue sewing the last edge of the fabric to complete your rectangle.



Step 16:

When sewing is complete, trim any loose threads.



Your fabric bookmark is complete!







I hope that you have enjoyed this fabric bookmark sewing tutorial.  I would love to see what you’ve made – use the tag #peetsweabookmark to share your photos!

Happy Sewing!

Fabric Bookmark Sewing Tutorial | PeetSwea


Sew the Rainbow: Aqua for June

Today is Aqua day!  I am sharing the results of the June Sew the Rainbow project.

The Project:  A Crayon Roll

The Inspiration:  Pinterest!  Do you get lost in all the wonderful ideas that are available here?  I have a Sewing Ideas board dedicated to projects that I would love to tackle one day.  Crayon Rolls seemed like such a cute gift idea!

The tutorial I chose was featured on Smart School House, designed by Made to be a Momma.

The Material:

  • Michael Miller’s Waterfront Park Flight in Luna, which I picked up on a visit to Finch Sewing Studio
  • Kona Cotton Solid in Nightfall
  • White Satin Ribbon – 1 inch wide

The Result:  A cute crayon roll!  Though the tutorial showed that 16 crayons would fit, my finished product held 15 crayons.  I will work on the spacing on my next attempt, so that a full 16 can fit.

The crayon roll took me about 45 minutes start-to-finish, so it is a quick and fun project to do with scrap fabric, or a fun child print.

peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll1 peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll2 peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll3 peetswea_sewtherainbow_crayon_roll4

My daughter loved the end result, and has ordered a purple one for her birthday in a few weeks!


Thanks for following along with Sew the Rainbow project!

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Sew the Rainbow: Green for May

A new month and a new color for my Sew the Rainbow project:  Green!

The Project:  An Apron – a special gift for a friend

The Inspiration:  My good friend Mari!  In addition to a love for books, which makes us kindred spirits, Mari also loves to cook.  Over on Instagram, Mari was one of five people who signed up to get a surprise Pay it Forward gift sometime this year.  Because she loves green, this is her month!

The Material:

The Result:   I don’t work with patterns very often, but this one was easy to follow.  I opted to nix the pocket, because of personal preference, but there is one included in the pattern.

I love that the bottom section of the apron is called a flounce.  Every time I read the word in the instructions, I wanted to sing *flounce flounce flounce* – I’m going to see if I can incorporate the word in my everyday vocabulary :)

Here are a few shots of this bright and fun apron, already on the way to Mari’s mailbox!




peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron2 peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron3 peetswea_sewtherainbow_green_apron4


I hope that you’re enjoying the Sew the Rainbow project.  For June, I’ll be sewing the color Aqua – I hope that you’ll stay tuned for the result!

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