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New Series: Sew the Rainbow

When I organized my fabric stash a few weeks ago, I noticed that I favor certain colors over others.  My stack of blue, green, aqua, black and yellow, is much larger than my collection of pink, purple and red.  While some of this is due to trends and customer preferences in my shop, I think that it is mostly due to habit.

While browsing for fabric yesterday afternoon, I decided that I need to branch out a bit and give all the colors an equal opportunity to be sewn.  Over the next year, I’m going to Sew the Rainbow.  I will make something new each month in a different color, and will share with you here on the blog.  It may be something for my home, a new product for the shop, or even a surprise gift for a friend.

In addition to the blog, you can follow along on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Pinterest, where I’ll use the hashtag #sewtherainbow.  If I’m feeling particularly saucy, I’ll also work to post other handmade lovelies in the color in the month, for you to enjoy.

Here is the schedule that I’ve laid out for the year:

  • January – Red
  • February – Pink
  • March – Orange
  • April – Yellow
  • May – Green
  • June – Aqua
  • July – Blue
  • August – Indigo
  • September – Violet
  • October – Gray
  • November – Black
  • December – White

Let’s make it a party!  If you’re interested in joining in to Sew the Rainbow, leave a comment so I’ll know to keep an eye out for your handmade lovelies.  There’s no minimum number of colors or deadlines to keep – just have fun and use the tag #sewtherainbow

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