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Sew the Rainbow: Yellow for April

It’s the end of April, and it’s time to share another color in the Sew the Rainbow project.  For April, I chose the color yellow.  I use this color quite frequently for products in my shop, and I love the brightness and cheerfulness that it can bring to a tote bag or jewelry roll.

When shopping at a local favorite, WebFabrics, my daughter mentioned that she’d like to have a headband with “one of those triangle things on the back.”  And this month’s project was inspired!

The Project:  A Headband Bandana

The Inspiration:  My daughter J – this was a special request

The Material:

  • One Quarter yard of Hoffman Bali Batiks 1895 in Citrine
  • One headband – one inch wide

The Result:  A SUPER easy project, which brought a smile!

peetswea_sewtherainbow_bandana_yellow1 peetswea_sewtherain2ow_bandana_yellow2 peetswea_sewtherainbow_bandana_yellow3




Next month I’ll be sewing the color green!  Tell me how you’re enjoying the series, and if you’ve been inspired to add a new color to your projects.

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