Today is my 37th birthday.  Thirty Seven.  It seems unreal to me.

I know that it was just yesterday that I was fresh out of college and eager to tackle the world.  I was the baby in the office for a long time – sharing college experiences as if they were relevant to the business world, wearing the “youngest employee” badge with honor.  Wow, has that changed.  I’m now a veteran employee, with the growing veteran cynicism and outlook to go along with it.

I also know that it was a few days ago that I got married.  Living in a small apartment for a year, before purchasing our first home.  Enjoying the freedom that the dual-income-no-kids lifestyle allowed – painting walls, taking trips, being in young love.  And then came J – that was just a week ago, right?  Having a whole new person in our lives, who filled us with happiness that we didn’t know that we were missing.

And now, D and I have been married for 12 1/2 years, J is almost 8, and we’re in our second new home, which is 1,000 miles from where we started. So much has happened in that short few days between 21 and 37!

I know that 37 isn’t commonly known as a milestone year, but I’ve been dreading it.  I’m no longer in my mid-thirties and I’m no longer the baby of the bunch.  But I’m also still young – many years ahead of me to make goals, wishes and dreams come true.

So this year, I will be working on Project 37 – a list of things to achieve, to make me smile, and to have a frequent reminder that I am just as young as I feel.  I hope that you’ll follow along.

Project 37 – The List:

  1. Run a 5K race without stopping
  2. Take a romantic weekend getaway with D
  3. Meet up with a faraway friend in person
  4. Reach 150 Sales in the PeetSwea Shop
  5. Take my mom on a trip to Pittsburgh for her genealogy research
  6. Bike on the W&OD Trail with D and J
  7. Learn to make Prime Rib (D’s favorite)
  8. Make my sewing room the studio of my dreams
  9. Take a class
  10. Research work-from-home motivation techniques and write about it
  11. Share a project management skill with the handmade community
  12. Try another Craft Show
  13. Spend hours alone in the National Gallery of Art
  14. Have a spontaneous coffee or happy hour “date” with a neighbor friend
  15. Finish a big craft project with J – her choice
  16. Have tastings at five local wineries
  17. Buy an antique piece of furniture
  18. Fit into a Size 10 pair of jeans
  19. Let J paint my toenails
  20. Learn to French braid hair
  21. Read three classic novels
  22. Plant a tree
  23. Finish our home library
  24. Frame the pictures that my dad drew
  25. Find a way to support a small business
  26. Have family portraits taken
  27. Try a yoga or Pilates class
  28. Go for a mountain hike
  29. Attend a professional project management networking event
  30. Have the PeetSwea website redesigned
  31. Try cuisine from a new country
  32. Send more mail to family and friends
  33. Learn a new sewing technique
  34. Spend more time spoiling my nieces and nephews
  35. Collaborate with another handmade business owner on a joint creative project
  36. Host a dinner party
  37. Lighten up!

Tell me what you think.  Do you have a favorite?  Is there any item on the list that you’d like to help me cross off?

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