Yesterday, while sipping my morning cup of coffee, I was trying to decide which sewing project would be my next. My husband had left early for a car show, with high hopes of an up-close look at a $2 million sports car. J and I decided to stick close to home to sleep in a bit.

We decided to finish a red bag – her first sewing project, which was started here! I tried hard not to enforce PeetSwea standards of quality control with a seven year old, so that she could enjoy the experience. The bag turned out great, J was thrilled, and it was still only 8:30am!


Not wanting to leave my sewing room, I decided to give the embroidery feature of my sewing machine a try.  The machine was a gift from a friend, but up to this point it has been used mostly for sewing.  I have embroidered a few gifts, but hadn’t tried anything yet for the shop.

I am introducing wine bags as a new product line, and thought that I’d include a few embroidered phrases to spice them up.  After researching a bit, I embroidered fabric to say Slainte, Wine Time and You Had Me At Merlot.  Here is the result of the first completed bag:


What do you think? A little market research:  Do you have any favorite phrases or toasts that would look good on a wine bag?

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