It is finally Friday.  The second half of the week seemed to linger on, but I’m glad that we finally made it.  Here is a glimpse at what happened this week in my world:


I set out at the beginning of the week to make a new bag for myself, which I can show off in public.  I am working on the finishing touches today and will post pictures when it’s done.  I have been very busy creating items to build up my shop, that I didn’t have anything recent that I could enjoy.  I am very excited!


It has been a great book week!  I went for the first time to the fiction book club at One More Page Books in Arlington.  We discussed March by Geraldine Brooks and I had a fabulous time.  After coming home, I felt the need to put a disclaimer at the end of my review, because my thoughts varied greatly from the majority of book club members.  I do want to read it again, with the other perspectives in mind.  I think that maybe I should have disliked the protagonist just a bit more!

While at One More Page, I picked up The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón after three recommendations within 10 minutes of having set foot in the store.  I’m 100 pages in and am already in love with the story.  I think that this one is going to keep me out of the sewing room this weekend…


Easy baked ziti, chicken nuggets and fast food this week, unfortunately.  I am not trying to rush J through first grade, but I will be glad when summer arrives and the activities taper off a bit!


Last weekend we began the pre-approval process for a mortgage, and thankfully received feedback that we are good to go.  We are still keeping our options open, but there is a house that may have our name on it, and we want to be ready to pull the trigger if the time is right.  After spending a year and a half in a rental, the entire family is itching to have something to call our own – to paint, decorate, and just settle.  I feel that we are approaching the prospect of purchasing a house in a conservative manner.  Our area is not as volatile as many (especially the Florida market we moved from!) but we want to make sure that we balance the emotions of a purchase with the financial and investment aspects!


Just a few short weeks until we get family visitors.  The big old house has felt a little empty without any company for a while, and we need a good excuse to head to D.C. and play tourist.  It’s almost cherry blossom time too – this year is the 100th anniversary celebration of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  I saw them for the first time last year, and they were everything that I had hoped for.  So beautiful, especially with the monuments as a backdrop!


Let me open it up for questions – is there anything that you would like to see me feature on my site or any questions that you’d like me to answer?

Hope that you have a great week!

One thought on “Week in Review: Sewing, Books, Cooking, Home and Family

  • March 9, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    I forgot that you are renting since you post photos on occassion, of your lovely home. A wise choice, had we done that in Omaha we would have moved into another home. Our home was lovely but we were constantly fixing it… it showed well. How exciting to be looking!

    I just picked up The Lost Daughter at Costco last night and am eager to relax and read tonight. I have a few decorating projects to wrap up too… before Bill get’s home tomorrow. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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